Entry #3

happy thanksgiving

2013-11-28 13:33:30 by armygirl123

yay thanksgiving but boo because I wont be spending it wit my family im in france on my wourld tour and I miis everyone 2 boyfriend to family..... idc about my old friends cus there jerks around me but in sad ive been cheaking my phone for my family or anyone 2 text me saying u ok or im safe are u because its been rough for me........... I fell down a roof one day (last 2 weeks ago) because of my fucking stepfather told me 2 .. heres the story. ok one fucking cold day my stepfather threw his foot ball on the roof on purpose sooo he told me 2 go though the attic and up the ladder to get 2 the roof and I did .. ok I grabbed the ball slipped down 2 stories high! threw the ball hrd at my stepfather passed out and idk wat happened but I ended up in the surgry room. I gotten amneasa for 1 week.... umm got 2 cast one on my arm and the other on my left leg.... umm the next week after I went home everyone was in my room and they surprised my wit a party..... umm fell down the stairs woke up 3 hours later after but still ok.. hmm o I remember I yelled at my stepfather so did my mom they took a break for 1 day umm shes still mad at him they sleep in seprite rooms (finally no yelling in da middle of da night). and that's it enjoy my pic I made! (me and my bf) gotten bored soo drew this hope u like I made it without a computer ENJOY!!!!

happy thanksgiving


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